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Prayer is a vital practice for the flourishing of a Christian's life. Scripture portrays prayer as a conversation between God and His people - it's dynamic, intimate, and transformative. 


Prayer is a conversation with God
Pray Out Loud

Praying out loud, although it may feel uncomfortable at first, is a great way to help train your heart to think of prayer as a conversation and not a monologue.

Take Time to Listen

Believe that Jesus wants to talk with you as your prayer. Try to be still and quiet, even if just for 2 minutes to start. Waiting on God is a discipline, so extend grace and patience to yourself as you endeavor to hear from God in prayer.

Be Willing to Obey Jesus' Voice

In conversations with God, He may call you to action (e.g. extend forgiveness, resolve conflict, give up something dear to you, etc.) Trust this will be for you good, and be willing to obey His voice. 

Remember to Delight

Prayer is a transformative practice, but can be tough to navigate growing pains. Remember this is about communion with God and that enjoying Him is the key to persevering in the practice of prayer. 

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