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Giving Tuesday

This year at Lake Church we wanted to partner alongside the Pflaum Family in their mission to raise funds to be able to buy an Airplane Hanger in Zambia! This will help in their already existing Airplane Ministry  Imbila Nsuma Wings (“Gospel Wings Zambia”) is a ministry that aims to provide a quick emergency air response to crises, and delivers essential medical and food supplies. 

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Here is information about the Hanger

Martin Pflaum, a Liebenzell USA missionary, works with Amano Christian School and Imbila Nsuma "Good News" Wings, an aviation ministry. 


Imbila Nsuma "Good News" Wings is a ministry that is a quick response, support flight to those who may need it in Zambia. They plan on providing medical/food supplies and showing up when missionaries or local churches need help in their work. One of Martin’s biggest goals for Imbila Nsuma Wings right now is to start an aviation training program for young people in Zambia who want to learn aviation. 


An owner of a nearby airplane hangar desires to sell the property to Martin. The airplane hangar is the perfect place to start this program and will allow growth for teaching airplane maintenance and aircraft skills. The hangar will also enable them to do all their aircraft maintenance in house, thereby lowing operations costs. This will make the aviation ministry more affordable to the missionaries and churches that need the aerial support.


We're looking forward to seeing what God does through this new initiative in Martin’s ministry through aviation.

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