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Reaching The Community

Communal Questions

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By Lake Church Staff

Reaching your community starts with seeing your community. 




In young mom circles, the needs are friendship and camaraderie. We’re all in this messy life stage together. The communal questions often circle around children’s activities that are free, safe, educational, and easy to locate. A mom with young children can be very missional by simply connecting these dots. Find an activity and invite the mamas to join. Use that time to point the conversation back to Jesus. Ask your friends how they are doing and how you can pray for them.  


In your neighborhood, the needs might come in cycles. The communal question is usually pretty simple: How should I respond in this situation? A neighbor is sick and you bring her dinner. A widower needs help cleaning up his yard and you rally your people to come help. A young couple brings home a new baby and you show up with diapers and a toy for big brother. A teacher across the street is feeling overwhelmed but appreciates when you check in on her. With every open door, you have an opportunity to represent Jesus well.   


In your place of employment, the needs are production, integrity, doing your job well, being a benefit to your team. The communal questions might be: how do we keep up the pace or when is the next vacation? What are your weekend plans? Is my job expendable? Our objective as Christians is to be actively engaged in adding value at our job and to our employer. Each interaction with coworkers can be an opportunity to point them back to Jesus as the one who holds all things together. Our work ethic should set us apart; how you work reveals who you serve.


You can start praying today. Ask God to help you see the tangible needs around you. Listen closely to the questions that seem to come up frequently in the break room or at the library story time. Find a way to connect these dots and watch how God can cultivate these relationships for His glory.

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