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Reaching The Community

12 Ways to Stay Connected  

Children Playing Tug of War

By David Jenkins, Pastoral Care Pastor 

TJ Lewis, Youth Pastor

Texas is starting to open up and many of you are ready to get out and about. Others are ok with waiting a little longer. Either way, all of us want to be cautious as we learn safe ways to spread our wings again. We want to hear how some of you are taking baby steps to gather in small groups at safe distances. We encourage baby steps.  We want to keep connecting with each other and our neighbors. Whether with your Connection Group, C4 family groups, a single family from the church, or with your neighbors, maintaining and rebuilding of relationships with each other is crucial to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing! Here are a few ideas to encourage fellowship and time in the Word. One size doesn’t fit all, so find a couple that work for your group and take a baby step in the right direction. If you have other ideas that worked, let us know and we can share them.

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  • Gather in the front yard and driveway for coffee

  • Meet in the local park for snacks or grill burgers

  • Host a C4 dinner date in your back yard

  • Fellowship in the church parking lot or a shady spot on campus

    • We have found that a lot of people seem to be more comfortable meeting together outdoors, and we think it’s wonderful!  Please know you have access to the church parking lot and lawn anytime.  Kids are welcome to bring their bikes or maybe a ball or frisbee.  If it’s during LC hours, you can use the bathrooms as well.  

  • Find a shopping buddy

    • You’ve got to go grocery shopping anyway.  Why not take someone with you?  You can help each other make sure nothing was forgotten, but it’s also a great chance to reconnect in person.  

  • Play date for the kids

    • Children need connection every bit as much as adults do.  Get together with some friends and let the kids play and take the time with converse with their parents.  

  • Restaurant parking lot; get your order to go and dine in the parking lot together.  

    • This not only allows you get together, but we also want to continue to support businesses in our area as they’re trying to get their financial footing again. 

  • Organize a birthday parade for the folks in your group

    • If you haven’t seen one of these, you need to.  They’re a hoot!  It’s just as fun to participate in one as well.  Neighbors usually love seeing them too.  

  • Host Sunday house church in your living room or yard. Sing praise choruses, pray together and open the Word. Neighbors will be curious and your soul will be greatly encouraged.  

  • Schedule a Kona Ice truck on your street. Enjoy snow cones together and invite the neighbors.  We’ve seen A LOT of success with this in making connections.  

  • Ice Cream gathering. Nothing expresses or makes you feel quite as loved as some Blue Bell.  If you want to break out the ice cream maker, even better!  Praise God, summer is here.  

  • Take Part in our Produce Giveaway.  Watch for more information coming about this SOON.  The Lord has given us a great way to bless our families and those around us.  


As the door to reopen widens, take those baby steps to stay connected with the body of Christ… and don’t forget to invite the neighbors!  The Kingdom is still advancing, and the Church is alive and well, even during a pandemic.  Love y’all!

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